As Colorado’s own creative rolling facility, Made in Xiaolin (MIX) provides a space for passionate creative rollers and other cannabis professionals. We strive to bring innovative methods of cannabis consumption to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our goal is to bring a fresh perspective to old stereotypes and stigmas of cannabis developed during the era of marijuana prohibition, and to bring its use to the forefront of mainstream consciousness. When used responsibly, we believe cannabis can be a wellness tool that brings happiness, creativity, and an overall improved quality of life.

MIX is a Colorado-licensed medical and retail Marijuana-Infused Product facility, specializing in creative rolling. From our walk-in humidors that ensure the perfect environment for rolling and curing products, to our in-house 3D printer, we endeavor to stay on the leading edge of cannabis innovation.

We are proud to support and collaborate with our local Colorado growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries who champion systems of sustainability and integrity. Furthermore, we are dedicated to supporting national and local advocacy groups for the advancement of global cannabis policy reform.

Together, let’s build the path towards elevated cannabis consumption.


To promote a balanced lifestyle utilizing cannabis.

To advance and elevate cannabis culture for a post-prohibition world.

To bring our cannabis community together with spirited collaboration


“Before I was born, who was I?

After I am born, who am I?

Respect yourself, and everyone will respect you.

Understand yourself, and everyone will understand you.

There are mirrors all around you:

Strive to see and understand yourself.

Strive to have the heart of a Buddha.

Stop doing bad things, only do good.

Do whatever you can to help others.

In these ways you help yourself.

Help yourself, and you help the world.”

These are the ancient words of wisdom passed down to us from Chan Buddhism, used by the Shaolin monks. At Xiaolin, we integrate our roots from the East with our life in the West. This is the Xiaolin discipline and balanced lifestyle we wish to embody and put forth into the world.

It is discipline of the mind and the body.


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