Purple Goomah V.S.X.L. - Petrol Punch // AK-47



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2.5g Flower.5g ConcentrateLit Time: 30-60 minRing Gauge: 25Wood TipPurple Wrap

The Goomah, our $100 cannagar, is not to be confused with our Soldato, but often is. While the input of flower and concentrate is similar, the Goomah holds 3g total vs the 2.4g Soldato. Though it holds more, because of the way it is packed adn compressed, the Goomah appears smaller in stature than the Soldato, and lasts much longer. Some may even say much longer than the 30 minutes to 1 hour burn time advertisedūüėČ

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Pagosa Therapeutics - (Recreational)
Strawberry Fields Denver - (Recreational)

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