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Xiaolin is sold at over 180 recreational and medical dispensaries across Colorado.

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Xiaolin Cannagars are

Rolled Proper

Batch Release

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Since 2018

Colorado's Only Creative Rolling Studio


“Love these cannagars by Made in Xiaolin.  Can’t say enough great things about this product”


“The craftsmanship on these pieces is insane”


“I’m a joint perfectionist going on 20+ years now. This Cannagar by Xiaolin is the best rolled cannabis product I have ever smoked!”


“They use such high quality flower and hash, the Capo and Godfather bring a whole new level to celebrating with your smoke sesh and they smoke slow for such a long time – great for special occasions.”


“Feeling elegant smoking a $250 Made in Xiaolin wrapped in gold cannagar smokes for 3 hours… Totally worth it."

Featured In Playboy, Forbes, High Times and many others

Xiaolin Premium Cannagars

Are featured in
What’s In Your Stash? Cannabis Alchemist Warren Bobrow
“Cannagars promise a refined way to get high”
“Pure luxury…One of the greatest experiences in the world”
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