The Capo VSXL



Rosin $$$Rose $$Live Resin $


5g Flower1g ConcentrateLit Time: 1-2 hoursRing Gauge: 30

In the Xiaolin Lineup, the Capo is the UNDERBOSS. The Capo is our mid-size cannagar with a lit time between one and two hours — 5 grams of hand-selected flower based on terpene profile, taste, and aroma  is paired with 1 gram of live concentrate, creating unique flavor profiles for each batch with the connoisseur smoker in mind.  

V.S.X.L. (Very Special Xiaolin) is our line of products detailed in 24kt gold rolling paper. 

Each Capo is wrapped with a wood or  glass tip. Our cannagars are fragile. Please handle with care.


Availability and stock amounts may vary between store locations. Please call ahead to confirm availability before visiting the store.