Bambino 2 Pack - Pitted Cherry // Runtz



Live Resin


0.4g Flower0.1g ConcentrateLit Time: 5-10 min

 Bambino 2 Pack - Pitted Cherry // Runtz offers a unique experience with its visible trichomes and well-trimmed buds that have a perfect level of moisture. The smaller buds provide an exotic and fruity flavor, rich in tropical citrus and sour berry notes. Upon breaking apart and burning, the aroma carries a sharp and spicy pineapple scent, with a slightly pungent undertone.

In the Xiaolin Lineup, the Bambino is the BABY. The Bambino is our smallest infused joint and has a shorter lit time with 0.4g of flower and 0.1g of live concentrate perfect for a brief smoke. There's two in the pack so you can share your experience with a friend or have one for later.

Concentrate: Runtz by  Denver Dab Co.

Flower: Pitted Cherry by Vera Cultivation

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