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2g Flower0.4g ConcentrateLit Time: 15-20 minRing Gauge: 30Dragon TipRice Wrap

Experience the luxurious and sophisticated flavor of a Peppermint Cane Soldato, with a deliciously sharp minty taste complemented by notes of fresh coffee and earthy cookies. Immerse yourself in the alluring aroma of sweet woods and spicy coffee, with a bold kick of mint. This premium bud boasts oversized, fluffy forest green nugs with rich amber undertones and matching hairs, topped with glistening crystal trichomes.

In the Xiaolin Lineup, the Soldato is the SOLDIER. The Soldato is our infused joint, and plumbed with a 4mm hole for a maximum pull and even burn line — 2g of hand-selected flower based on terpene profile, taste and aroma is paired with 0.4g of concentrate, creating unique flavor profiles for each batch with the connoisseur smoker in mind.  

Each Soldato comes wrapped with a wood or glass tip. Please handle with care.

Concentrate: Kush Mints by Harmony 

Flower: Kush Mints by Kaya

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