Natural Capo V.S.X.L. - Sherbet Cake // Trop Muffinz Rosin


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5g Flower1g ConcentrateLit Time: 1-2 hoursRing Gauge: 30Dragon Tip

Embrace the sublime with Natural Capo V.S.X.L., featuring Sherbet Cake by Vera paired with Trop Muffinz Rosin by Mountain Select. Wrapped in natural paper and finished with a classic Dragon tip, this selection presents a unique tapestry of flavors: a harmonious blend of sweet, subtle citrus with a smooth and creamy finish, evoking the essence of a bakery filled with cakes and muffins. Experience a luxurious, long-lasting smoke designed to delight the senses.

Flower: Sherbet Cake by  Vera Cultivation

Concentrate:  Trop Muffinz Rosin by Mountain Select


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